Tychem 4000 S garments utilise a film laminated to Tyvek fabric to achieve a barrier to permeation by a broad range of inorganic and organic chemicals, including phenol, ethanol and methanol.

Innovative smart design features, such as a double-zip and double-cuff systems, enhance the overall protection afforded by the garment.

A comfortable garment specifically designed for ease-of-wear

As well as providing high levels of protection, the suppleness and flexibility of the fabric results in a lightweight, comfortable garment that is easy to wear. Great care has also been placed in optimising the shape and fit of the garment, particularly when moving. Worker safety is also enhanced by the white colour of Tychem 4000 S garments as it provides contrast across a wide range of natural backgrounds. In a laboratory study, Tychem 4000 S received high overall ratings for visibility in dim light, bright light, and contrast with natural backgrounds.

Type 3-B
Type 4-B
Type 5-B
Type 6-B
EN 14126:2003
EN 1149-5:2008 Tychem 4000 S model CHZ5 is antistatically treated inside and offers electrostatic protection according to EN 1149-1:2006, including EN 1149-5:2008 if properly grounded. Not valid for Tychem 4000 S with socks, model CHZ6. Please refer to Instructions for Use.
EN 1073-2:2002 Class 1

Du Pont Tychem 4000 S

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