Your ultimate workwear solution 

WiWe offers you a total solution for your workwear and safety equipment needs. A complete head to toe service, WiWe’s quick and easy online ordering process and unbeatable service take the headache out of your workwear procurement. 

At WiWe, we understand that presentable, appropriate workwear is an essential factor for occupational safety and wellbeing at work. Not only that, unified workwear gives a convincing first impression, improves the recognisability of your employees and increases the professional pride of your workforce. 

The WiWe team therefore proudly offers an extensive range of workwear solutions for companies, factories and farms for both men and ladies in all sizes and colours. 

Best value 

When you order from WiWe, we guarantee: – Shipment of your order within 5-10 working days if you’re ordering branded items – If you choose not to brand your workwear, your order will be dispatched within 48 hours! – FREE delivery anywhere in South Africa for orders over R5000 – from Pretoria to Pofadder – FREE branding of your garments (company name or logo) – All at a better price than you’ll get anywhere else – we will beat any written quote! 


Best range 

It’s WiWe’s exceptional service, competitive pricing and reliable accessibility that sets this hardworking supplier apart from the competition. 

At WiWe online, you can shop a massive range of the world’s best workwear brands ranging from the durable, reliable and affordable to premium brands designed to meet stringent performance requirements. If you need to source items from a preferred supplier in a specific colour, WiWe will do this for you too. 

From workwear to footwear, headwear to PPE – even corporate clothing, promotional gifts and office essentials – WiWe will source everything that you need. Our unique collection is the first and the only one of this scale in South Africa and has been designed as a one-stop-shop that offers you exceptional value and saves you time. 

To achieve this, WiWe has built an extensive network of specialist workwear partners so that it can fulfil every request efficiently. WiWe’s team works directly with our partner’s factory to ensure that every order is on point – delivering on price and on time every time. 

By focusing your all your workwear procurement with one reliable partner, you can concentrate on your core business with peace of mind.

Free Private Store 

At WiWe, we want to make ordering a fuss free process. That’s why we help you to create your own customised store for your company, factory or farm at Wiwe online. 

You tell us what you want and WiWe will do the rest for you. Whether you have one outlet or multiple branches, your online store showcases all your workwear elements. You select the elements you require, enter the quantity and any special information – and with one click, the element goes into production and is delivered as promised. No hidden costs. No fuss! 

Our service includes full training on how to use your responsive online store, getting the most out of your dashboard as well as the production of detailed reports on all your orders. 

When it comes to repeat ordering, you will be able to access your private store and simply reorder. Your store becomes a shopwindow for all your branded and unbranded workwear, resulting in a consistency of product procurement across all your workwear items. 

WiWe’s online stores form the backbone of our personalised management solutions. Created to address the inefficiencies of the workwear industry’s onerous ordering processes, WiWe’s online stores are built and developed to meet each client’s unique requirements and as a result, are proving to be a game changer in the sector. 

And there’s more! 

Stockholding can be a nightmare, specially for larger workforces. Your private store gives you access to all previous orders plus a full breakdown of the order per individual employee. By uploading Excel or CSV files to the WiWe system, any new information appears instantly on your live dashboard with notifications of any ordering or supply discrepancies. 



One of the most important characteristics of any business is time. 

WiWe keeps to its deadlines, end of story. On-time delivery is one of the most critical factors in business so market leading express delivery and logistics solutions are therefore a critical part of the company’s make-up. 

To guarantee full client satisfaction, WiWe uses a variety of logistics partners to fulfil all its deliveries. With its innovative technology and massive network throughout South Africa, Aramex is used for all SADC deliveries while specialised logistics partners are used for remote deliveries. 

Our in-house distribution management team works closely with these logistics partners to ensure your business needs are met on both a local and international scale. 

Our promise to you: – Non branded items ordered through WiWe’s online stores will be dispatched within 48 hours of ordering – Branded items ordered through WiWe’s online stores will be shipped within two weeks of ordering – All bulk orders and branded items ordered online will be shipped within two weeks of ordering – All orders above the value of R1000 will be delivered to your door!

Your Total Workwear Solution 


Core Workwear 

Gear that gets the job done 

WiWe offers a comprehensive range of workwear brands and solutions that work as hard as you. From premium fabrics, rugged construction, comfortable fit to generous work functional pockets, WiWe’s range of workwear is big on safety and tough-wearing materials, meeting all your requirements for reliability, durability and comfort. 



WiWe’s comprehensive range of footwear offers you a choice of work shoes and boots that combine both comfort and durability without compromising on safety. 



WiWe stocks a full range of protective headwear from all the top brands. From cost effective headwear to items that have been carefully engineered to deliver superior performance, comfort, quality and durability – you’ll find a solution to meet your requirements in WiWe’s range. 



Keep your workforce and your visitors safe and protected. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must-have on any job site and to make it easy for you, WiWe carries a full range of PPE safety equipment in one place at the very best prices. 


Medical Supplies

Accidents happen. When they do, its critical to have basic medical supplies on site so that your trained first-aid team can administer immediate treatment. 

WiWe is helping to keep your workforce safe by offering you the full range of medical supplies you need for your company, factory or farm. 


The WiWe in-house supply chain 

At WiWe, everything we do is geared towards providing our clients with a total business solution, making business as convenient and cost-effective as possible. WiWe will provide support when necessary, source specialised elements upon request as we take pride in going beyond what is asked or expected so that we can add value to your organisation. 

To gear for this, WiWe has its own in-house digital agency, production and distribution team who are all aligned on delivering the highest standards of reliability and quality. 


In-house digital agency 

These days, you can’t be passionate about building brands without being into digital. Offline and online – WiWe understands that your brand needs to have a seamless and consistent identity. It’s why WiWe offers digital as part of its services – it’s easier for you as all your branded elements can be uniform. 

Our in-house digital agency will handle all your design requirements, whether it’s setting up your online store or adding your brand to your workwear. Each element in your portfolio gets their individual attention, asking how the brand identity best carries through into the structural design as well as optimising the visual impact of your brand. Our digital team will prepare the artwork, get your approval on all elements and submit the artwork to WiWe’s production partner. 

Done right, this golden thread of brand consistency is carried across all your branded elements, meaning that your employees wear your brand with pride!