High Abrasion Resistance
High Cut Resistance
High Heat Resistance
Lint Free
No change of properties to light and UV exposition
Keeps full properties after numerous washing and drying cycle
Comfort and fitting
Available in a variety of colour, coating and designs
Chemical, cold, impact, puncture and anti-vibration resistance

General maintenance
Sharp steel
Glass handing
Clean room application
Mining and construction work
Food processing, cold supply chain
Military and police force
Aeronautic and automotive
Gardening and hunting
All industries requiring the highest quality and lower cost of ownership

EN388 cut level 5
ANSI/ASTM cut level 4 to 5
EN388 / ANSI / ASTM Mechanical resistance standard
EN407 / ANSI Heat resistance standard
EN511 Cold resistance standard
ANSI S3.40 / EN ISO 10819 Antivibration standard
AS2001.5.4-2005 and ISO6330:2000 washing standard
ISO 9001-2000 and 14001
REACH EC 1907/2006

Dromex Cut5 Jacket+

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