Alcoscan ALP1 BT for Industry and Law-Enforcement is a fully portable Ethanol Specific Fuel-Cell Sensor Breathalyser which operates in Passive no-mouthpiece FAST mode for quick road side or entry point screening and Active Normal Mode using a mouthpiece to obtain a digital and printed test result for use in disciplinary hearings, CCMA cases and labour procedures as evidence.

The ALP1 BT Full Pack including Printer is Bluetooth enabled and includes a mobile battery operated Folio Printer which prints results immediately upon testing. In addition ALP1 BT stores 500 breathalyser test results in Memory capturing individual results after each test for downloading and analysis on a PC with free PC software. An expandable memory option is available up to 20,000 Tests on an SD card.

ALP1 meets the EN Standard – EN 15964:2011 for Breath alcohol test devices other than single use devices and has an SABS conformance report available for confirmation.

Provides for both FAST passive no mouthpiece testing and NORMAL active mouthpiece testing.

Memory of test results is password protected and includes date and time of each test.

Includes: Aluminium Carry Case, Free PC Software, Cables, Batteries, Access to our Free Bluetooth Android iSober App for capturing and sharing breathalyser test results.

ALP-1 BT is one of our three breathalyser models that functions with our iSober App & Cloud Service for Enterprise Users. iSober App is available free on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Annual Calibration is required.

Spec Detail
Indication of B.A.C & BrAC 0.000 to 4.000% or 0.000 to 0.400%BAC or 0.00 to 2.50 Mg/l BrAC
Accuracy +/-0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Mouth piece 5 mouthpieces supplied with unit and additional mouthpieces available; 1 blow cup supplied with unit
Sensor Replaceable Electro-chemical Fuel Cell Sensor – Ethanol Specific
Power supply Two 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries for unit & Four 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries for Folio Printer. Both can use re-chargeable batteries & printer includes AC power supply
Weight 198g (Including batteries) breathalyser only & Full Pack 1.5kg.
Dimensions (mm) 13cm (height) X 6cm (width) X 3cm breathalyser only & Full Pack 30cm by 25cm by 10cm
Notes Auto power off
Includes Mobile Folio Printer, Free PC Software and Cables.
Battery Low indication
Memory: Last 500 tests & optional 20,000 test memory by SD card
Meets EN Standard – EN 15964:2011
Air flow rate checking in case of low breath volume
Annual Calibration Reminder
Certified Water resistant to IP54 rating IEC 60529:2001
PASS/FAIL Fast testing set to provide a FAIL result from 0.01% B.A.C and up or set at the LEGAL Limit of 0.24Mg/l BrAC


Alcoscan ALP1 BT for Industry and Law-Enforcement Breathalyser – Full Pack